The 5th KWiSE Administration

The 5th KWiSE Headquarters Officers:

  • President (Chief Executive Officer): Dr. Jane Oh (NASA JPL)
  • VP East (Chief Technology Officer): Dr. Hee-Yong Kim (NIH NIAAA)
  • VP West (Chief Finance Officer): Dr. Minhee Ko (Doheny Eye Institute)
  • Chief Operation Officer: Dr. Hyunsook Park (CSULA)
    • Project Director: Dr. Grace Kim (UCLA)
    • Project Director: Dr. Eun Ji Joo (CHLA)
    • Project Director: Dr. Yun Chon (Amgen)
  • Chief Communication Officer:  Dr. Christine Yoon (A Blessing Place)
    • Dr. Christy Yoon (Parsons)
  • Chief Information Officer: Dr. Suejung Huh (Ohhh!)
    • Publication Director: Dr. Hyowon Ban (CSULB)
    • Publication Director: Dr. Soo-Mi Kweon (USC)
    • Publication Director: Dr. Sin-Hwa Kang (USC)
Chapter Chapter President
Greater DC Dr. Eun-Ju Cheong (USDA)
Los Angeles Dr. Suejung Huh (Ohhh!)
NIH Dr. Hee-Yong Kim (NIH NIAAA)
Research Triangle Park Dr. Youngjin Park (SAS)
San Diego Dr. Min Son Baek (Vertex)
Southeastern Dr. Jae-Kyung Lee (Univ. of Georgia)