5th KWiSE Administration


Headquarters Officers

  • President (Chief Executive Officer): Dr. Jane Oh (NASA JPL)
  • VP East (Chief Technology Officer): Dr. Hee-Yong Kim (NIH NIAAA)
  • VP West (Chief Finance Officer): Dr. Minhee Ko (Doheny Eye Institute)
  • Chief Operation Officer: Dr. Hyunsook Park (CSULA)
    • Project Director: Dr. Grace Kim (UCLA)
    • Project Director: Dr. Eun Ji Joo (CHLA)
    • Project Director: Dr. Yun Chon (Amgen)
  • Chief Communication Officer:  Dr. Christine Yoon (A Blessing Place)
    • Dr. Christy Yoon (Parsons)
  • Chief Information Officer: Dr. Suejung Huh (Ohhh!)
    • Publication Director: Dr. Hyowon Ban (CSULB)
    • Publication Director: Dr. Soo-Mi Kweon (USC)
    • Publication Director: Dr. Sin-Hwa Kang (USC)
Chapter Chapter President
Greater DC Dr. Eun-Ju Cheong (USDA)
Los Angeles Dr. Suejung Huh (Ohhh!)
NIH Dr. Hee-Yong Kim (NIH NIAAA)
Research Triangle Park Dr. Youngjin Park (SAS)
San Diego Dr. Min Son Baek (Vertex)
Southeastern Dr. Jae-Kyung Lee (Univ. of Georgia)

President Statement

It is an honor to serve as the 5th KWiSE President. As a member-driven, non-profit, ethnic professional organization, the success of KWiSE is a result of the time and commitment of active members. Many opportunities exist for getting involved in the organization at both the local, regional, national and international levels.

By the simple gesture of offering our skills and enthusiasm, we will positively impact other lives, as well as our own. KWiSE Events can connect talented Korean women with other like-minded professionals to collaborate with and inspire, we can offer a new chance to build a stronger community. We will meet new people, make new friends, help someone, improve our community, and make a difference throughout participating in the KWiSE activities.

Of course, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is fun!

Jane Oh, Ph.D.
The 5th President of KWiSE