Korean Women in Science and Engineering
KWISE-RTP chapter had a good time with the KWISE-HQ president Seo. She joined our meeting to greet the new members specially undergraduate students. We had eight undergaduates and two master students and one Ph.D students and six professional scientists and engineers.
This meeting was a start building network between professionals and undergraduates. We had a request from undergraduates who want to have their role model to develop their professional career in the future. Some of undergraduates don’t decide yet their majors and feel lack of finding information.
KWISE-HQ president Seo suggested them KWISE can help to connect their mentors using KWISE members not only KWISE-RTP but also nationwide using online mentoring.
She also gave the small talk about her research area to explore universe. In addition she focused the collaboration work is very important for the big projects. So networking can help to proceed the projects successful.

Young Park
President of the KWiSE-RTP Chapter